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ListFont lists all fonts installed on the computer. You can restrict this listing to fonts of a specified character set. If you click on one of the found fonts, you get all scripts (f.e. western, cyrillic) and styles (e.g. bold) availible for this font. If a font is choosen, three types of output can be simulated: Using SetText(), TextOutA() and TextOutW(). All 256 or 65536 possible characters are shown! Try it and see the difference.

Windows NT 4.0: Choose Times New Roman, greek, regular (if you don't have it, install the international fonts availible from
  • Choose SetText. At position E1 you will find a 'latin small letter a with acute'.
  • Choose TextOut. Now a 'small greek letter alpha' appears on position E1.
  • Choose 'Show Unicode Font'. Now the alpha is visible at position 03B1.
    Windows 95: The same procedure, the same result, except:
  • SetText now gives a 'small greek letter alpha' at position E1.

    Try it out!

    Changes in version 1.2:

    Known problems:

    Don't expect too much: it's a quick-and-dirty hack without a help file!
    Requirements: Windows 95 / NT 4.0

    Screenshot of the main dialog (on a german Windows installation)
    Screenshot of the unicode preview

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