BANG 2.2 description

History of developement:

This program was invented at one typical morning working at a typical computer with a typical Windoze 3.0 application. A typical mouse click on a typical button and a typical reaction: "Unrecoverable application error" !!! No need to mention that the last save-file operation took place half an hour ago !! AARRGGHH!!! At this moment the BANG was founded. If properly installed BANG places a small death's head icon somewhere on the desktop. Even if the program manager is vanished (a very common situation at that time) the user can double-click on the BANG icon to change the mouse cursor into a cross-hair. Now he (or she) can fire to every location on the screen. Not that any lost file was ever recovered by this program, but hardware worth millions of dollars was saved by allowing frustrated users to let off steam. BANG 1.0 was first released in 1991.

With the appearence of Windows 3.1 things changed. Now the error message windows had new titles and funny new crashes happend. But more important the use of soundfiles was greatly simplified. Equipped was sound files stolen from Arnold Schwarzeneggers "Terminator 2" BANG 2.0 was first released in mid-1992. A few bugs reported by users had been fixed but the latest version 2.2 was never released into public (at that time the personal situation of the programming team was changing). In 1995 several inquiries about BANG for Windows 95 reached the authours via the last still valid email adress. Although Windows 95 is much more stable than the older version crashes are still possible and not very rare if you are writing programs (funny: sometimes the compiler quits working because some intermediate file is locked allegedly by a different process. In that situation you can only shut down Windows 95 and reboot. Fortunatly software developers have all the time of the world...). During the first conversion steps the old BANG 2.2 version was rediscovered on an old and dusty streamer tape and is now released to the public.

BANG 2.2: Requirements: Windows 3.1, sound card recommended. Will not work under Windows 95 !

OK, I want it (189k)!

Last modification: 7 march 2000