Answer from Blair Murri

Anwer to my open questions from Blair Murri:

This is in response to your web page ( that I found by following Rafal T. Prinke [SMTP:rafalp@AMU.EDU.PL]'s message to the GEDCOM-L list message titled "ANSEL problem" and dated (on my system) Tuesday, August 22, 2000 4:51 PM.

First point. The only technical reference reference to ANSEL that I ever saw came from a book on charsets published by ANSI. It costs over US$90. I don't believe that ANSEL documentation ever was available on the web. Copyright violations and all that.

As to the questions you raise in your web site:

Can non-spacing characters be cascaded?

Can non-spacing characters be followed by non-latin characters?
This one doesn't have a good example. The latin character AE is a latin character, and yes, in ANSEL, it can have a macron. Non-latin characters don't exist in either ANSEL or ASCII, and so, are not representable in ANSEL.

Can non-spacing characters be followed by a space?
If I remember correctly, they can, but it has been a few years since I read the docs.