H. Eichmann's ANSEL to Unicode Conversion Tool

If you put together everything written on the ANSEL to Unicode discussion page, you can create the following ANSEL to Unicode conversion table, if you use my small converter (C++ source file).

With the help of this table the following command line tool

ANSEL to Unicode converter

will convert ANSEL files into Unicode files. If you are working in Linux: just compile the soure code by using the statement

gcc -lg++ Ans2UniConv.cpp -o Ans2UniConv

FreeBSD users should use

gcc -lstdc++ Ans2UniConv.cpp -o Ans2UniConv

instead. Thanks for Jiann-Ming Su for providing a gcc3 compatible version.
The result is a Unicode text file. You can read it f.e. with my Unicode text editor (windows only).

Last modification: 2006-01-16