Heiner Eichmann's GEDCOM 5.5 Sample Page:
(Nearly) All GEDCOM Tags

This is a very complex GEDCOM transmission containing most of the tags allowed.
The main person (label @PERSON1@; called P from now on) is married twice (with 'Wife' and '2nd Wife') and has three children: 'Child 1', 'Child 2' (both with 'Wife') and 'Child 3' (with '2nd Wife'). From P's parents just the father ('Father') is given. Furthermore P has adoptive parents ('Adoptive mother'; adoptive father not given).

The records of @SUBMITTER@, @SUBMISSION@, @PERSON1@, @FAMILY1@ and @SOUR@ (and the transmission header) contain all the tags tested here. The other records are just placeholders. Note the following details included in this transmission:
  • Some tags are split in multiple lines using CONT (f.e. line 35)
  • The word 'TEST' is often split in two parts and MUST appear as one word (f.e. line 48)
  • A very long line (line 47)
  • The 'commercial at' sign (@) in line 46 may only appear once
  • Some records appear twice, like NAME (line 97), OCCU (624), NOTE (733) and PLACE (1085)
  • Different variations of dates, times and ages are used (seek for DATE, TIME and AGE)

    Note, that the data given within the transmission do not make sense. Especially the dates are choosen randomly. Just the HEAD.DATE tag contains the date of the creation of this file and will change in future versions!

    Here is the transmission: ALLLGED.GED

    Last modification: 1998-01-01